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  Jurie Moolman

  General Manager and PH

    The founder and general manager of HUNT@AFRICA. More than 30 years of       hunting experience in South Africa and Namibia. His passion for Africa and its        wildlife has made him the PROFESSIONAL HUNTER he is today. His        passion for Africa and client service ,makes him the ideal person to be        hunting with in Africa.


Hans Moolman

Logistics Manager and PH

Hans has more than 35 years of hunting experience in South Africa and Namibia His passion for Africa and hunting is so contagious that you will get infected by it.

  Rick Scrivens

  USA Booking Agent and Hunter

    Rick is a co-founder and our booking agent in the USA. He is a very accomplished        hunter with hunting  experience on various continents. He will make sure that        your hunting safari with HUNT@AFRICA will be a dream come true.

        He will gladly take your call!